What is BrokemanGames?

BrokemanGames is a platform where you can download pre-installed pc games for free.

Is this site safe to download from?

All the games released on this site have already been checked before release. There are no hidden malware, and if your Antivirus software displays an alert then it is a false positive. It won’t harm your computer.

What is a pre-installed game?

Pre-installed is basically what the word is telling you: we have completed the setup and installation of the game, so all you need to do is just run the .exe file.

UploadHaven 403 Forbidden Error when trying to download a game?

Free users are only allowed to have one active download per IP. So wait until your first download is completed before attempting to download another game. UploadHaven does this so that everyone can enjoy the fastest speeds possible.

How to increase the download speeds?

We recommend installing a download manager and having that download manager take over the downloads.